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Why Healthcare Professionals Should Use Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing refers to the online marketing techniques used to bring people to your website or in your case, to your healthcare practice. If your practice needs to find some new patients, you should consider using some inbound marketing strategies. If you are in crowded cities such as London, New York, Hong Kong, or other major metropolitan areas, this practice will be even more important.

Using inbound marketing is critical because people are likely to look up their symptoms when they are encountering a health problem. You need to create content that explains what these symptoms could mean and encourage people to schedule a consultation if the symptoms seem severe enough. You can, for instance, write some blog posts to discuss the conditions you usually treat or even create some videos to talk about symptoms your patients are likely to experience.

Creating this type of content is a good way to make potential patients realize that they might need to see a healthcare professional, such as an eye surgeon. This content is also a good way to become a trusted authority in your field. Someone who looks up their symptoms and finds that there is nothing to worry about after reading the helpful content you created will be more likely to remember your practice when they need to see a healthcare professional at some point in the future.

You also need to develop a significant presence in online directories, but it is important to choose the right ones. There are many different directories that list healthcare practitioners and practices but a lot of people do not take the time to contact these lists to update their listings or to add more information. You need to make sure that the information listed is correct and add as much information as possible since the most comprehensive listings will get more attention. Getting something like your treatment + your location is ideal. “Laser Eye Surgery London” or “Plastic Surgery New York” would be prime examples. We’re linking out to a doctor that we know from the London area, David Gartry. He can thank us later!

Use these simple inbound marketing techniques to get started and ask yourself which other strategies you could use to develop your online presence. You could, for instance, think about creating social media pages to stay in touch with your current patients!

Why search engine optimization for healthcare providers is on the rise again

a phoenix rising from the ashes

The heated debate on whether SEO is still alive has elicited mixed reactions from Internet marketers and various professionals across industries. However, SEO experts insist that SEO is far from dead. In fact, today people think of it more of a branding strategy than a marketing tactic. The truth is that search engine optimization is far from dead, as many companies, including well-established ones, are developing a renewed commitment to focusing on building solid, search-engine friendly, and search engine optimized web infrastructure, with the engine’s constant commitment to enhancing their algorithms from time to time. Below are some of the reasons why SEO is becoming popular for businesses to invest in again.

To begin with, the techniques applied in improving SEO still work. While data on organic traffic from Google itself was generated only recently, the techniques employed remain sound. Numerous post-Hummingbird case studies can verify this fact.

This Internet marketing technique has no sign of stopping any time soon. SEO is always improving its strategies to help attract web traffic. In addition, this technique is cost effective, at least compared to other forms of internet marketing. While PPC (pay-per-click) may drive more traffic and revenue, and social media plays an important role for your image, organic SEO remains a foundation for your online presence.

Today, virtually everyone searches for a product or service online before making the buy decision. However, this number is expected to increase. Without SEO, it would become difficult for visitors to find your business, but they may easily locate your competitors. In fact, traffic delivered to mobile gadgets is expected to be more than to desktop devices. The explosive mobile usage is also expected to give rise to other SEO-effective techniques. Lastly, lacking a healthy content profile can be damaging, as social media – which hardly existed some years back – are given more importance today, and they impact rankings.

Some industries benefit more than others from SEO. Traditionally, businesses with customers and clients who spend a large amount of money per order are good candidates.

Law and healthcare are two industries that fit this criteria.

It is argued that SEO is even more valuable than the other option of appearing on the top of the search results page: Google Adwords. Here is a video that describes the differences between Google Adwords and the organic search results: